Thursday, 19 February 2015

Tarot Readings

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Tarot readings through e-mail response. If you would like a personal consultation, please e-mail me at with your name, birth date, and the question you would like answered

You may also note what kind of spread you would like. Some examples of popular spreads will be pictured below. Keep in mind that not all spreads will correlate with your question. Any other information is not necessary, but if you feel that you want to give me more information about the question at hand or the situation, you may. If you do not have a spread preference, I will chose one for you.

I will respond to your e-mail in a timely manner (usually within 48 hours) in the order I receive them, once I have received your e-mail (with the information listed above) and payment. It is $15.00 per reading and you must have a paypal account to transfer funds. Once you have experienced a reading, please feel free to comment below and let others know about your level of satisfaction.

Here are some spreads you may request me to use to answer your question: 

The Celtic Cross is an old, tried and true spread that is great to answer just about any question. It looks into your past, present, and future, along with external factors that can influence the situation.

Romance Spread
There are so many romance/love spreads that it would be silly for me to show them all. However, it's important to note that most questions asked pertain to love. So whether you are single and looking or in a long-term relationship, there is a romance/love spread that's just right for you. Depending on your question, I will pick the romance/love spread that best suits your situation.

To the left, is only one example of a Career spread. So whether you are looking for a job, seeking the right career path, or looking for your purpose in life, there is a Career spread for you. 


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Here's an example...

Please click the Read More section if you are interested in Palmistry or information about gemstones & crystals!


  If you would like your palms read, please e-mail a photo or a scan of both palms to It is $35.00 per reading and you must have a paypal account to transfer funds. Make sure that your palm lines are view-able in your photo or scanned photo. Once I have received your payment, along with an e-mail with photo or scan of your palms, I will respond with your full reading through e-mail in a timely manner (usually within 2 weeks). After your reading, feel free to comment below and allow others to know about your palm reading experience.

Here are two examples of good palm pictures.


Other fun things from TarotReadingsbyNikki

One of the fun projects I've been working on since my YouTube hiatus is publishing my own Adult Coloring Books! To find or order one or two for your own coloring pleasure, please visit

These books can also be found on Amazon and other books stores for those who prefer ordering from other websites. 


  1. Thanks Nikki for amazing and spot on reading!!! Everyone who reads this - Nikki is amazing!! I just bought my first Tarot dec and pulled some cards for my question I asked Nikki and gess what - SHE PULLED SAME CARDS AS I DID!!! Just the difference is - she could also read it all and not just read it but read it spot on!!!! :)))

    1. You are very welcome! I really enjoyed doing this reading and learning that we pulled the same cards! Absolutely amazing!

  2. I loved to read this informative post. Tarot reading helps to learn how to improve their new heights in all areas of our lives such as career, love, family and spiritual growth. Tarot card somewhere help you with how to overcome the difficulties and achieve the load and achievements. I really love your post, thanks to sharing your ideas with us.
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